Composition of rechargeable light


Rechargeable light is also known as storage light, time delay light, continuous light, non-extinguishing light when power failure, emergency light combines general lighting function and power failure emergency lighting function, and the lighting color can be designed according to different needs. Rechargeable light has wide applicability, installation or replacement Easy and other advantages.


The rechargeable light consists of a bulb head, a shell, a battery, a light source, a lampshade, and an electronic control board; the housing space is formed by connecting the bulb head to the shell and then connecting the lampshade, which contains the electronic control board, battery and light source, and each other through wires Connection: The electronic control board can convert AC power to DC power and provide it to the light source, and the electronic control board can detect whether the AC power is truly cut off and choose whether to switch the power to battery power.


Rechargeable light When the power is cut off or out of power, the bulb can still illuminate normally for more than three hours, giving full play to the function of emergency lighting in power failure!