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Quality LED lighting starts with quality material.That’s why our R&D and QC engineers,   with a minimum of five years’ experience each, incorporate and control compoents from TAIWAN,South Korea and the US into our products. 
Ourself owned independent lad controled by quality manager which is responsible for the quality control.The lab plays a key role in guaranteeing the first-class quality of all our       products .With 3 experts in products test and quality examination. Main tested parameters cover lumens flux, lumen intensity, illuminance, wattage, voltage, electric current,  color      temperature, color coordinates,color rendering index,torsion moment,life-time, etc. 
Buyers in Europe and America have already discovered how easy it is to find the items they need in our 10-series collection.Every unit in our catalog is protected by a three-year warranty.Submit your inquiry, our 10 years’ experienced sales will reply you within one hour.Led times now.Contact with us-Ledtimes!

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